Dungeon Crawl Classics

The Ziggurat

Eridin took a look at Mason‘s leg and felt imbued with power as Ildavir’s power mended his broken leg.

The survivors boarded the runic boat powered by magic. Eridin prayed to Ildavir and mended his own broken hand. The boat led them to an island with a huge ziggurat. Sacrifices were being led to the top by chaos abominations. The heroes tried to sneak after them to find out what they were doing.

When the first captive was sacrificed, Gormak charged forward trying to save the people. Mason and Skleebs charged into the fray. Eridin raised his hands and divine power erupted outward causing several of the abominations to flee in terror. Haskel snuck up the opposite wall skewering two cultists before being noticed. Me-Gan calmed the slaves and led them away from danger.

Gormak and Mason faced off against the leader, Gormak watched as the cultist drove himself upon the blade and threw himself into the fire. Rising from the fire was an obsidian stone monstrosity wielding a giant flail. It leveled Skleebs before turning toward the others. Mason and Gormak tried to flank the creature but could not pierce its stony flesh. Wicky scampered up the golem and smashed the glowing skull into the creature. This caused a huge explosion and the ground began to rumble. As everyone looked for useful items to grab, the slave group yelled up that there was a boat on the opposite side.

Mason saw the fists of the golem still clutching the flail nearby. He slid his hands inside and discovered them to be gauntlets and could not remove his hand. He slid his hand in the other glove and Gormak tried to help him down the collapsing tower.

Me-Gan sacrificed almost all of herself to create a shield of force to protect the ship from an oncoming tsunami created by the earthquake. Eridin used the power of his goddess to create food and fresh water from the salt water. Me-Gan used her arcane power to blow glitter into Eridin’s face. Eridin found himself unable to create enough food for everyone.

Several days later they discovered they were already on shore. Wicky scouted ahead and pilfered a large gem on a statue. The rest of the group slowly made it outside, only to discover that the cave disappeared as they left.

The group was attacked by ghost wolves. The wolves only attacked people without robes. Wicky hid under Gormak‘s robe. Mason rallied everyone else to form a protective circle. Eridin used Ildavir’s protective power to shield himself. The wolves carried off everyone except Haskel, Mason, Wicky, Me-Gan, Eridin, and Gormak.

Wicky killed one of the women to get back her robes.

When the group left the mountain pass all of the robes disintegrated. The group of now partially naked people marched on until they reached a lightly wooded area. The group met a man named Simgur, who the two women seemed to know. The three of them convened to discuss the fate of the rest of the group.

The Slave Train

John the woodcutter was killed by a slaver while trying to get weapons from the wagon.

Edward killed by an arrow from the battle between slavers.

Balderon was killed by a spear while fighting slavers in the woods.

Davic escaped into the woods.

Mason rallied everyone to the cave.

Eridin suffered a broken hand at the hands of Bahrus while trying to remove shackles with an axe.

Bahrus tried to hold everyone else up to keep them from falling into a pit.

Me-Gan cowered near the fire weeping. She seemed very traumatized by what was happening.

Rhock the Dwarven blacksmith was killed by entering the magical portal without a robe. This teleported him to a pit, which everyone assumed led to his death…

Wicky the halfling arrived late and seemed strange and ominous.

Mike was killed by the chaos beast priest’s magic.
Skleebs killed the chaos beast priest.

Sedrus found a strange book and gave it to Wicky under the bargain of half of anything good that came of it.

Sedrus stared at arcane glyphs on the beach, which caused him to go mad. He killed Mar-val and tried to sacrifice him to the tentacle beast. He was killed by Gormak.


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