Dungeon Crawl Classics

The Slave Train

John the woodcutter was killed by a slaver while trying to get weapons from the wagon.

Edward killed by an arrow from the battle between slavers.

Balderon was killed by a spear while fighting slavers in the woods.

Davic escaped into the woods.

Mason rallied everyone to the cave.

Eridin suffered a broken hand at the hands of Bahrus while trying to remove shackles with an axe.

Bahrus tried to hold everyone else up to keep them from falling into a pit.

Me-Gan cowered near the fire weeping. She seemed very traumatized by what was happening.

Rhock the Dwarven blacksmith was killed by entering the magical portal without a robe. This teleported him to a pit, which everyone assumed led to his death…

Wicky the halfling arrived late and seemed strange and ominous.

Mike was killed by the chaos beast priest’s magic.
Skleebs killed the chaos beast priest.

Sedrus found a strange book and gave it to Wicky under the bargain of half of anything good that came of it.

Sedrus stared at arcane glyphs on the beach, which caused him to go mad. He killed Mar-val and tried to sacrifice him to the tentacle beast. He was killed by Gormak.



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