Loner animal trainer turned servant of Ildavir


Eridin is 5’8 and lanky. His complexion is a pasty white. His eyes seem to bulge out and his right eye is lazy and he has perpetual not quite 5 o clock shadow. His brownish black hair is messy and not in a good way.

Level 3 Cleric
HP 21
AC 16
Str 9
Agi 9
Sta 10
Per 15
Int 8
Luc 13

F +1
R +1
W +3

1d10 crit table

Fortunate Date

Spells known:
Food of the Gods
Holy Sanctuary
Resist Heat or Cold
Protection from Evil
Cure paralysis
Neutralize poison or disease
Lotus stare

Charmed by Me-Gan

Equipment of note:
Chain mail
Emeralds x5
Winter clothes
Regular clothes
1 week rations
Gp 85
Sp 135
Cp 230
Xp 97


Eridin grew up poor. Living outside the city and only ventured into the city proper a few times in his life. All of his life he has been more comfortable by himself or in the company of animals. The secret motivation of people scares him and he often is trying to determine what selfish reason people have for doing what they do. Most of his skills he learned from his father, who broke horses or trained dogs for the city proper. They lived in a small hovel on a patch of land corralled and partially in the forest. Eridin’s mother died in childbirth and was raised mostly by his older sister Renij or Ren for short. His father Hale was a man of few words and strong discipline. Given their circumstances in life, Eridin had little choice but to help with the family tradition. When the slavers came, Hale tried to sacrifice himself so that his children could escape. The slavers found both Ren and Eridin. The last Eridin saw of his sister was the slavers preparing to take advantage of her. One of the slavers knocked him unconscious as he was struggling to get free. She was not part of the caravan, so he doesn’t know what ended up happening to her, but he assumes she was killed since she did not make it to the caravan (at least that he could see).

Honor 3
Agreeableness 3
Rigidity 1
Insight 6
Empathy 6

Age 17

Eridin spent most of his childhood alone. His peers often picked on him and he was often teased so he generally avoided others.

Eridin is often very cold and calculated when faced with adversity. He will very calmly choose the decision that leads to the least risk and avoid taking chances.

Humans are no different than animals. Everyone must follow the basic tenants of rules to survive but everyone will bend the rules to their advantage given the opportunity. Survival should be the paramount of all creatures.

Eridin is altrustic in his decision making, but will not sacrifice unless there is no other choice.

Eridin seeks love, both as an individual and from the community. Years of being ostracized and left to fend for himself has made him yearn for attention.

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