From weaver to hero of the Tusk


Gormak is about six feet tall and average build . He has short red gold hair. He has blue eyes and fair skin. His face is oval-shaped and is clean shaven.

Level 1 Warrior
HP 12
AC 10
Fort +1
Refl +1
Will +1
Str 12
Agi 10
Sta 10
Per 14
Int 13
Luc 5

Lucky Weapon: Garrote
Languages: Common, Elven


Gormak wants to be a hero. Having grown up in Camerillia proper, as the son of a weaver, he has no concept of the hard life of an adventurer. As a child he grew up to stories of great sword fighters rescuing princesses and engaging in epic sword fights against dastardly villains. The reality of a mundane life of helping his father use a loom felt like a prison sentence. He secretly believes that getting captured was the greatest thing that ever happened to him and that he will become a great hero of legend.

Honor 6
Agreeableness 5
Rigidity 5
Insight 4
Empathy 5

Age 15

Gormak led a very sheltered life. The son of a successful weaver led to private tutors for what little education he had.

Conflict is dealt with head-on with honesty. Attempts to do the right thing.

Both parents died during the slave caravan trip. The only other person of real note is a travelling merchant named Aeribin that visited the weaver’s shop several times a year. He use to regale Gormak with tales of far off adventurers and stories while buying supplies from Gormak’s father Thorik.

Gormak wants to be the hero.

Defending the weak, stopping tyranny, destroying evil.

Gormak appears altrustic, but is really quite self-centered. He is likely to do something reckless if it seems heroic.

Gormak cares about fame and his sense of honor.

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