Hero part 1

An elderly man sits in a darkened room lit only by a fireplace. Two small children lay on nearby bearskin rug. They look up expectantly at the man.

The man seems pensive for a moment before speaking.

Alright, alright! You want to hear the story of Gormak and what happened to Camarilla. It was the harvest feast in Camarilla. Everyone was celebrating the greatest harvest in decades. Children were running the streets as men drank while women prepared the feast. That was when the barbarians came. I don’t know what happened that day, but I imagine they showed little mercy, because only a handful of people were left after all was said and done. They were bound and shackled and taken away while the village burned behind them. They were marched by ruthless taskmasters past the known world. They marched for so long that after many failed attempts to escape had failed, even Gormak had given up hope.

It was then in the dead of winter that life would forever change for a few of those slaves, but you only care about the son of a weaver. Gormak had been beaten and was barely alive on that day the other bandits came. They attacked with fierce brutality and it is rumored they massacred the people who had captured so many. Gormak found himself on a battlefield. Manacled and surrounded by chaos. Nearby lay a sword, previously owned by one of the barbarians, killed by another slave. Unlike the stories, Gormak failed to rally the slaves behind him and what he had envisioned would be a covered retreat to a nearby cave was more like wild animals stampeding.

The caves were something horrible. It was said that Gormak fought a tentacled beast along side the caravan guard Skleebs. Poor Skleebs. Ah, I better keep going before I get distracted. So many dead.

They kept going deeper and deeper into the caves as the way back was closed from them. Somehow, they found themselves on a dark beach underground. On the beach was an obelisk, a thing of evil. It caused a minstrel from Camarilla to go insane. He killed another survivor before Gormak ran him through with a sword.

The only way forward an arcane longboat, powered by magic! With no hesitation, Gormak and the other survivors entered the boat…"

The old man coughs. Alright, that’s enough for tonight. If you leave me alone and don’t cause trouble, I’ll tell you more in the morning.

Hero part 1

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