Hero part 2

It’s a bright morning in a small hut. It seems to be poor, but well maintained. The boy seems to have just finished his breakfast and is looking expectantly at the old man. The girl continues to look at and pick at her food. The old man clears his throat.

Ok, where were we? Oh yes, the longboat. When they got on the boat, they discovered that it had no oars. Once they had gotten aboard the boat started to move on its own! As they made their way toward whatever nefarious purpose everyone seemed to be withdrawn. Their “adventures” had been filled with darkness.

They found their boat was headed for a small isle. At the center was a ziggurat with a gigantic armored figure staring out toward the water. The others discussed a strategy and despite disagreeing, Gormak hid at the prow of the boat.

Heading up the ziggurat were abominations, creatures so foul, I know you will have nightmares. In some ways they were like men, but in many others they were just wrong. They all wore hoods, so I guess I’m getting ahead of myself.

Those on the boat waited until the robed figures had marched their slaves out of sight up the ziggurat. There was a woman, Me-gan I believe, and the halfling. Yes, a halfling. No, not a small child. The halfling was balanced atop the woman and was leading the group up the tower. Gormak moved in beside them to protect them and they cautiously made their way to the top.

At the top, it finally became clear that these were not people in robes. There was a creature with the head of a vulture, including feathers, and talons instead of hands. Another had the head of a bull but instead of hands it had arms like an octopus. They were killing the slaves and throwing them into the fire.

Gormak charged the first of the creatures skewering its arm, causing it to drop a slave. The others charged forward joining the melee. Gormak slew several of the cultists before it became clear there was one greater than the rest. Unlike the others he seemed to be completely human. His staff had several skulls attached near the top. He laughed wickedly and ran himself onto Gormak’s sword. As he drew his last breath he threw himself into the fire. All were knocked back from the explosion and the fire seemed to bubble and become lava. Emerging from the depths was a creature of smooth black stone. Twice the size of a man and wielding an enormous flail the creature lunged at Skleebs. Mason and Gormak flanked the creature stabbing ineffectively at the monstrosity. Meanwhile the halfling crept forward, using the distraction to move like lightning, scaling up the creatures back. The halfling hold a skull smashed it into the helm of the giant. The resulting explosion knocked everyone down and the ground began to shake…

The old man smiles at the children. Go get your chores done. I know you want to hear more. If you don’t get moving, I won’t tell you more until tomorrow!

Hero part 2

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