Teachings 1

Honor. Love. Family. It doesn’t matter. In the end survival is everything. That was my first lesson from Ildavir.

I was taken from my tiny hateful life and put in a slave train. Almost all of the slaves died. The few of us that got free ran to a cave.

Freedom is earned.

Several of us tried to break our chains. I paid in pain. Hascel’s sword missed and broke my hand. Even in pain, I slipped my hand free.

The many outweight the single person.

When the bandits came to the cave, I gave my sword. I hoped they would not search around and find the others below us.

Protect the future generations.

When the others were leaving and the woman would not stand, I helped the farmer with kind words for her to help get Me-gan to stand. She was the only woman, and the only hope of having a future generation.

Teachings 1

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